Ram 2500

The Dodge Ram 2500 is available for sale here in Australia at American Car Company.   American Car Company is based on the Gold Coast Australia, and is a company that specialises in the importation and conversions of American trucks.  The 2500 combines an abundance of what’s expected in a heavy duty pickup; power, durability and serious towing capacity.  There are several features of this American pickup that are a standout amongst other trucks, including its serious towing capacity, forgiving suspension and a smart well designed upscale interior.

The power to pull…

The Ram 2500 has a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel which delivers Best in Class for maximum towing with a towing capacity of 8,150kgs. With the Electronic Range Select and tow/haul mode, you’ll get the job done easier than ever before.

The Cummins diesel engine incorporates smart exhaust engine braking technology, this helps control the descent of a vehicle on a downward slope.  Working much like cruise control, the engine brake uses a variable nozzle on the diesel’s turbo to maintain smooth, less aggressive braking, helping to provide vehicle stability and reduced wear on the disc brakes. Especially handy when hauling heavy loads.

A strong foundation

The 50 KSI hydro-formed steel frame incorporates additional cross-members for strength and mass efficiency as well as hydro-formed front and rear rail contours for a more secure placement of suspension components and mounts. The changes add up to a stronger, more mass-efficient foundation that helps the truck achieve jaw-dropping towing capacity. After all, a truck is only as strong as the steel it’s built on.

A World Class suspension

The five-link coil suspension is the first modern day application of its kind. Utilising proprietary spring technology, this innovative approach helps overall friction in the system without sacrificing heavy-duty towing capability. Improved turning ability and an enhanced ride, affords additional confidence on all driving surfaces.

Cost of Ownership

It’s more than just how much you pay for a vehicle. It’s about the total cost of ownership, which affects the bottom line for you and your business. The Ram has Best in Class 24,000kms oil change intervals, thanks to the latest technology utilised in the new 6.7 Litre Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine.

Ram 2500